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Welcome to theactuaryfactory, this is a non commercial project developed by RPM IT Consultng Ltd.  This site contains a number of pensions calculations commonly used in the actuarial and administration pensions industry. 

*** NEW ***
State Pension Date and Age Calculator   State Pension Age and Date Online Calculator Click here

The state pension age is no longer as straight forward as it used to be to work out, current and incoming legislation have made it almost impossible to work out easily, this online calculation tool will display your state pension age and date based on the current legislation and what will probably be in force when you actually retire.

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Pension Increase Calculations/Modeller Pension Increase Exchange Modeller State Pension Date and Age Calculator  ** NEW**
State Pension Age and Date calculator


The theactuaryfactory website was developed to demonstrate how .NET technology can be used seamlessly and easily to develop pension calculations and systems.  The concept of the development was to first develop a robust, resuable and expandable set of pension functions - the Engine-  then build a number of interfaces that utilise this engine using .NET technology.

Broadly the sytem is set up with the 'engine' (which does the grunt), adapters to feed in to and retirve values from the engine, then secondary adapters for interfacing to web and excel components, as below:

WEBSITE: This website was developed to act as a front end and accesses the actuarial calculation engine, this site uses ASP.NET. 

ENGINE:  The calculation engine (dll) performs a number of standard actuarial, age/service and state pension calculations.  The engine has been designed as an expandable set of functions, with common error checking and error messages and testing.  All the calculations and data verification are done in the engine this lends the model to being able to be integrated into websites/Excel/Webforms etc with minimal effort.

EXCEL INTEGRATION:  An excel addin has been developed to allow a Excel access to each of the functions in the Engine.  More screen shots to come.

OTHER INTEGRATION: The engine has been used in other standalone applications using winforms to access the data and functionality.


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  Any figures generated in this web site are subject to user discretion.  RPM IT Consulting Ltd accept no responsibilty for the use and accuracy of any numbers produced on this site.


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